Rules adapted from Mako (via, edits inspired by Parker – and us.

  1. At least one blog post a week. Weeks will be defined as starting on Monday 0:00 (midnight) and ending Sunday 23:59 in Hamburg.
  2. You may participate with different blogs, but each blogger can only enter with a maximum of two blogs.
  3. Not allowed into the mix are commercial blogs (you are paid to blog by a client) or blogs of the Tumblr variety where you simply post a picture or reblog other people’s pictures, because… there shouldn’t be a need to explain this one, obviously. Also, don’t think your Delicious-link-posts count. They… drum roll… don’t.
  4. Otherwise: Any topic or length of blog post is acceptable.
  5. But discrimination or harassment of any kind are not tolerated.
  6. We will, on occasion, and using our discretion, grant people skips for a week under exceptional circumstances (e.g. extreme sickness). Lying on a beach does not count as an exception, just plan ahead, please. Unless you’re on an around the world trip for a month or so, then we might let it slide.
  7. If – or shall we say: when – you miss a week, you’ll have to pay 5€ (preferably via Leetchi). We will keep track of this, and provide information about balances and missed weeks in each week’s results as well as via Twitter.
  8. Half of what you pay will go to a good cause in Hamburg. Participating Iron Bloggers can send in their suggestions for what project or institution the money should be used. The donation will be made once every quarter.
  9. For the rest of the money: When there’s enough of it in our pockets (literally, so the money actually paid counts, not the balance still to be paid), we’ll have an Iron Blogger Hamburg night out and see how far your euros take us.
  10. You can leave at any time by notifying us (it counts for the following week though, not the one you’re notifying us during). You can either zero out your balance and give up the right to attend any future meet-ups.
  11. If, at any point, your balance hits 30 €, you’ll be booted for slacking. If you pay your 30 € balance, you will be reinstated
  12. There is no set end date. We’ll end Iron Blogger Hamburg by group agreement.
  13. Anyone living in Hamburg may join. We’ll approve new signups on a case-by-case basis and in a couple-of-days-rhythm. Interested folks should fill out our admitting form (don’t enter your blog adress, but the URL for your RSS feed!). Please don’t expect to be on the participants list two minutes after e-mailing, we’ll get to you! Also, unless you want be kicked out, you should inform us if your blog feed changes. Quick email to ironbloggerhamburg [at] gmail [dot] com will do. Thanks!
  14. By agreement with other Iron Blogger instances (e.g., the groups in Boston and San Francisco), any paid member can also attend Iron Blogger meetings in other cities that they happen to be in town for.