We are taking a break right now.

As for now, Ironblogger Hamburg is in sleep mode. The motivated bloggers are too motivated right now and don’t fill our pot, and the regular slackers have mainly given up and stay punted. So, after two years of Ironblogging Hamburg, Henning, Julian und Kathrin decided to let the project rest. If anyone is interested in taking over and give it a fresh start, feel free to contact us on twitter: @hasenfarm, @julianwki or @kommanderkat for taking over the domain and the infrastructure.

What was it about?

Because you you should blog more.

Because there’s no motivation like peer pressure.

Because doing things for beer is never a bad idea. And if you fail, at least you’re doing good.

Read The Rules to see what this is all about.

Inspired by Joi und Mako, Michelle Thorne and Nicole Ebber from ”Iron Blogger Berlin”, Carolin Neumann and Kathrin Kaufmann started the „Iron Blogger Hamburg” at the beginning of 2014. It is about blogging, beer and benefit. Update your blog at least once a week, and you’re fine. If you don’t, pay 5 € to the pool. As soon as we have collected enough money, we use half of it to all go out for beer. The other half is donated to a Hamburg based project we agree on. You won’t get a donation receipt, but a fun night.

Sounds good? Then join in if you’re living in Hamburg! Contact us via ironbloggerhamburg[at]gmail[dot]com including your motivation for joining the Iron Blogger Hamburg and fill out our admitting form.

Oh, and one more thing: Should you meet either this cool dude, that awesome guy or this wonderful lady on the street, give them a hug, because without them, this site wouldn’t look and function the way it does. Wanna help improve our script? See more on GitHub.


  1. Jochen

    Hallo Carolin, die Seite hier ist doch etwa nicht nur in Englisch gehalten, um zu zeigen, dass du das gut kannst?
    Die IronbloggerHH bloggen doch auf Deutsch, warum ist der Hub hier plötzlich englisch?

    • ironadmin

      We thought this through in the beginning and decided to start IronBloggerHH in English knowing and hoping that Hamburg and its digital scene are – at least potentially – an international crowd.

      But also, we just really wanted to be really annoying for some people and give them a reason to comment ;)

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