Hibernate, statistics & the aftermath

Hi there!

Nearly a month has past since our last signs of life. Since then the blog server has moved from Henning’s to Julian’s hosting service and the blog itself will go into hibernate mode.

Some statistics:

  • The Iron Blogger Hamburg project went for almost exactly 100 weeks. (At least there are that many entries in the ledger…)
  • Uncountable (at least from my data…) blog entries have been published.
  • We donated € 535,- for charity.
  • We drank beer (or similar beverages…) worth € 450,-. Skål!
  • We met at five meetups.
  • Overall we had expenses in the value of € 1050,-, which include hosting for the blog. Not counted into this are many, many hours of volunteer work done by the team.
  • The cash pool is actually worth € 45,-.
  • The liablities are € 105,- by now. If all punted and inactivated bloggers will get on board again, the sum raises by € 695,-.
  • If actually everyone would pay his/her debts, the cash pool will rise up to the sum of € 845,-! Wanna grab a drink or two?

Nice numbers, aren’t they?

As you all may know, the project has stopped for now and awaits new operators. So if you wanna take over, just give us a hint at admin@ironbloggerhamburg.de and we will talk about it.

The actual cash is kept on a safe bank account and will be used for further hosting. Also the ledger is kept, so it’s up to the new operators, if everyone can start fresh or has to pay off his/her debts. Remember, it’s all for charity and… beer!

Since then, stay alive and keep bloggin’!